Saturday, May 2, 2009

About This Blog

I did an mp3 blog for awhile, but then some douche at Fox got it shut down thanks to some mp3 blog aggregator. Believe me, as this goes on you'll see that no one gives a crap what I listen to. When I started surfing The Internets a long time ago I used to look high and low for review sites for Rock Music. All I ever seemed to find were either people reviewing albums I already knew everything I wanted to know about them, or albums I never would care about anyway. There's some that I still look for now and again, but mostly I just do things on my own. No one sends me records and I doubt I'd play them if they did. I like finding the stuff I like in the ways I've always done it. I'm not a musician, and I'm no expert. I know what I like and I know what I don't, and that's about it.

I've always wanted a database of my music, and I haven't found anything I like for doing that. I just want something I can see wherever I am, and that I can tell my friends about when they ask what I think they should check out. Since the last debacle I learned my lesson and you have to find the music itself on your own. I'm sure the bands aren't too thrilled about that because I won't always give you links. You found me, how fucking hard can it be to find a band? They're actually trying to be found. So this will just wind up being a slowly developing album review page, and I still look for those and have a good time reading them. Some of them will (hopefully) be funny and some of them will be fawning. There won't be many bad ones because these are the cd's and records I have here, and when I don't like something I get rid of it.

Dropped for Negligible Interest is from a part of Robert Christgau's site. He has something about one of his books and apparently he put some reviews of things that didn't make it in the book for that specific reason on there. Here's a thought - until long after we're all dead and gone, why would anyone buy a book full of reviews of music played constantly on Clear Channel's shitty radio stations? Does anyone look for a review of the hamburger they're currently feeding their face with? I think we all know what a Big Mac tastes like, so what's the point in writing about it? It seems the same to me for the latest U2 album. I'm not saying I don't have any popular things, but it may take me awhile to get to them because I kind of get fascinated with whatever I'm listening to at the moment. But I promise I've listened to all of these albums carefully and own the actual cd or lp's. I'm not prejudiced against mp3's, but they're really not for serious listening if you ask me. Anyway, if Christgau is dropping things because not enough people care, then I think he's doing a shitty job. He should be trying to interest us in new things, or even old things we don't remember or missed out on.

Not that I'm after his job or anything. I just want a kind of database of my stuff that's the way I want it. You're welcome to use it any way you want.